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  1. LEGO® City Fire Chief Car 60001

    LEGO® City Fire Chief Car 60001 Ages:5-12 Pieces:80 Learn More
  2. LEGO® City Fire Truck 60002

    LEGO® City Fire Truck 60002 Ages:5-12 Pieces:209 Learn More
  3. LEGO® City Fire Emergency 60003

    LEGO® City Fire Emergency 60003 Ages:5-12 Pieces:301 Learn More
  4. LEGO® City Fire Station 60004

    LEGO® City Fire Station 60004 Ages:6-12 Pieces:753 Learn More
  5. LEGO® CITY 60106 Fire Starter Set

    Features a fire hovercraft with turning propeller and accessories, and a pier with engine and fire elements Send the diver off the hovercraft into the water to rescue the stricken dockworker Accessory elements include a wrench, fire extinguish Learn More
  6. LEGO® CITY 60108 Fire Response Unit

    Features a helicopter with rotating blades and cargo doors that open, and a motorcycle with space for a fire extinguisher Fly the helicopter over the container to release the water elements and turn the container roof element, putting out the f Learn More
  7. LEGO® CITY 60109 Fire Boat

    Features a Fire Boat and a lighthouse with a small pier and shack Fire Boat features a detailed bridge, searchlights, kitchen, medical station and special stud-shooting water cannon with a maneuverable water cannon crane arm Accessory elements Learn More
  8. LEGO® 60105 CITY Fire ATV

    Features a space on the ATV to store the extinguisher and saw, and a ruin section with window and fire element that can be knocked down Turn the lever to extinguish the flame Accessory elements include a saw and fire extinguisher Fire ATV mea Learn More

Grid  List 

8 Item(s)